I am a child of God, a certified Master Force Life coach, photographer, a wife and a mother of 3 spontaneous, loving boys. Let’s just say, being in a house full of men is not easy ! Even though I am a mother, I am a wife first. Being a Christian wife has not been an easy task. Even though it hasn’t been easy, it has been worth it. There are no fairytales here, just the true day to day stuff that I go through. Whether it is good or bad, I know that it takes putting God first and each other second, to make it. Join me and other women around the world as we discuss the different things we encounter. 
A Wife
A Mother
A Photographer
I have been with my husband for 11 years and married for 9. We Have had our ups, down and in betweens. I am a example of what it is like to survive in the chaos.
God blessed us with our first babies' 5 years ago. It didn't happen right away for us, so I have an extra place in my heart for the mommy's who have dealt with the struggle.
I am proof that women can be so much more than wives and mothers. I am also a photographer. I happened to discover my passion while planning numerous family photo sessions with little to no success. Visit my website: